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Whether vintage or new, maternity or regular sizing, I aim to shop smart and invest in my family’s future more than my closet. So I’m championing practical, affordable pieces that remain wearable after baby. Instead of investing in a maternity coat, which can be expensive and unworkable after baby, I’ve been exploring the world of capes.

Expectant moms are superwomen anyway, so why not go ahead and wear that cape! Capes can compliment your shape throughout various sizes and keep you warm. While on trend now, the good news is that they are nothing new. This means that your chances of scoring a smart cape at a vintage, antique or thrift store are pretty strong.

Most modern capes are now designed with arm holes, so movement is easy. Vintage capes tend to lack arm holes and be a bit more cumbersome. Adding arm holes to your vintage cape is definitely an option. Evaluate the quality and condition of the fabric and consult a tailor, unless of course you’ve got serious seamstress skills.

Adding an eye-catching cape or cloak chain or clasp is another simple addition. You can source one from Etsy, a vintage shop, or head to Michael’s if you’re in the DIY mood.

About My Look

When I saw a listing for an estate sale at a former 1880s schoolhouse turned home, of course I jumped at the chance to attend. There, packed into a cedar closet, I discovered this World War II Navy nurse’s cape. Made of heavy navy blue wool, I was thrilled to see the nurse’s monogram in gold thread pop against the dramatic red lining. World War II nursing capes are a rare find, and I’m lucky to also own a gray Army nurse’s cape. I often wonder about these women who served their country bravely during the War and I’m glad that I can give these capes a new life. 

Chicwish has a striking red cape coat with smart gold buttons.

Chicwish >>
Double-Breasted Cape Coat in Red

My white, 1950s hat came from a favorite vintage shop. As a vintage hat collector, I’ve also started hoarding vintage baby bonnets in advance of my daughter’s arrival. This early 1900s baby bonnet was sourced for my baby shower through a seller on Etsy in the UK, and includes beautiful lace and whitework embroidery. Some incredibly talented woman spent many hours by candlelight creating this for a special baby. Now over a century later, this precious baby bonnet will be coming to the hospital with me in my overnight bag.

For a modern made bonnet, look no further than the Beaufort Bonnet Company, which boasts charming Southern styles for little girls and boys. I especially love this little girl’s bonnet in pink seersucker.

Beaufort Bonnet >>
Pink Savannah Seersucker

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