What to Pack for the Hospital
My Hospital Bag Checklist

A google search or a text to that friend who gives the really good Mom advice will quickly land you with a solid list of what to pack for the hospital. But having recently delivered our beautiful baby girl, I’ve put together a list of what those lists leave out. 

If you’re planning to do Fresh 48 or Newborn photos in the hospital, you’ll also want to think through the outfits you’ll need to have on hand for your baby’s first close up. 

1. Make that Hospital Bag a Backpack

Think hands free everything. You’ll be carrying a baby and a super heavy baby carrier on your way back, so save yourself some trouble and turn that hospital bag into a hospital backpack.

2. Pillow Cases

Of course you’ll want to bring your own pillows, but have a few extra pillow cases on hand. You can use them as little table cloths on bedside tables so you can pile on your phone and other items and not have to worry about sanitizing tabletops.

3. Your Fresh 48 Outfit

While you’re busy planning your outfit and that special outfit for your little one, don’t forget your spouse or partner. My husband was planning to wear the exact outfit he had just worn in our maternity photos, before I intervened. Not so fast husband!


I wore a blue floral robe from Milkmaid Goods

Sky Flowers Robe
Milk Maid Goods

Their robes are made out of super comfortable tee-shirt material, but still look sharp and keep their shape. They even have adorable matching swaddles for babies.

For baby’s first outfit, think light, muslin swaddles. They are breathable and easy to wrap. Aden & Anais make affordable swaddles in beautiful prints,

4. Extension Cord

The only outlet available for your phone charger may be a long ways away from your bed. Save yourself from getting up and bring an extension cord.

5. Dry Shampoo

Your doctor may not clear you to take a shower for the first couple of days. Pack some dry shampoo and forget the hair dryer.

6. Breastfeeding pillow

I thought my hospital would have this but I was mistaken. Bring your own just in case!

7. Comfort Item

This will be different for everyone, but think about bringing an object you find reassuring and calming. We spent the night before my C-section at the hospital. While my husband enjoyed a solid eight hours of sleep on an uncomfortable pleather couch (how is that possible?!) I of course laid awake unable to get a moment’s rest. I brought a small cross made of travertine from the National Cathedral in Washington D.C, that a friend gave me at my wedding. I held this cross in my hand all night and it brought me great comfort as I waited for the big moment. 

I’m forever grateful to the hardworking doctors, nurses and staff at Santa Rosa Medical Center. Thank you!

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