My Favorite Sources for Vintage Inspired Clothing

If you follow my blog or follow me on instagram you know I’m a sucker for everything old. The “new” things that actually manage to get into my house are usually in the grocery or diaper category. But every now and again, I want something crisp and brand new. Luckily, there are lots of retailers making beautiful vintage inspired clothing that is completely new. Here are my favorite places to find old-looking new things:

About the Outfit

I found this sleeveless 1960s dress at one of my favorite shops in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. The dress even came with a matching kerchief in the same fabric, which was a popular look at the time. It was homemade and probably worn by the person who sewed it. These homemade dresses remind me of my Mother who used to buy patterns and make her own clothing in the 60s and 70s. I love coming across these kinds of dresses because they were obviously made with a lot of love and care.

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