How to Store Fur Coats

Where should I store my vintage fur?

Whether you have new fur or vintage fur, you’ll need to store it for the off season. If you don’t go the route of professional fur storage, you’ll have to create an optimal environment for your fur at home. This can be a challenge in places like Florida, where I live, but I assure you, it can be done.

1. Pick a closet, but NOT any closet

Basement? Think again. You want to think dry, not dark and damp. Heat and humidity are your enemies. Find the coolest, driest, least humid closet in your home and set up shop there. I use a closet in a windowless storage room in my home in Florida. While we almost always have the AC blasting, I also have a dehumidifier on to reduce humidity. At my parent’s house in New Jersey, where I store more vintage fur coats, I use a hall closet that is far from direct sunlight.

2. Bag it up

Take your plastic garment bags and keep them far far away from your lovely vintage fur and new fur. Fur needs to breathe. Your new fur will often come with an appropriate garment bag, but vintage fur owners are left looking for the right bag. Find a roomy cotton bag which will allow your fur to breathe easy. I like these inexpensive cotton garment bags in the larger size from the Container Store.

The Container Store >>
Natural Cotton Gusseted Hanging Bags

3. Definitely do not…

Do not use mothballs or cedar closets. You fur coat can absorb these strong odors. Mothballs and cedar can increase humidity, which is the exact opposite of what your lovely vintage fur needs. Do not use a flimsy plastic hanger. No more wire hangers! Your fur coat needs a sturdy, broad hanger that can carry the weight of your fur coat easily without misshaping the coat’s shoulders.

I found this World War II United States Army Nurse’s Cape squeezed into a tightly packed rack of vintage clothing at one of my favorite antique shops. These World War II nurse’s capes are a rare find, and I’m fortunate to have added both an Army and Navy nurse cape to my collection. My favorite part of this cape is the nurse’s monogram on the inside of the cape. Who was this brave woman?

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