How to Add Vintage Touches to Your Home

Everyday, I notice how much more popular vintage fashion and home decor have become. I’m thrilled about it! I’ve been doing the vintage thing for a very long time– by fourth grade I was badgering my mother to try her hand at vintage hairstyles (Vivian Leigh and Veronica Lake were some of my requests.) Monday through Friday was elementary school but by the weekend, gosh, things really got exciting— hunting in my favorite antique shops, thrift stores and yard sales. Got something old? Great, I want it! Now vintage is all the rage, and those who may be newer to collecting and decorating with these items might wonder how to quickly add some vintage flair to their home. You can easily add a lot of charm and vintage style with a ratio of say 90/10—- 90 percent contemporary pieces and 10 percent vintage. Here are a few of my favorite go-to pieces to add quick vintage charm to any space:

1 Photography & Art: Chances are you, your parents or close family members may have some old black and white family photos lying around. Maybe even a daguerreotype. Grab that family baby, bridal, military or graduation portrait that’s collecting dust in an old album or drawer and take it to your local framing shop. The right frame and matting can instantly elevate any photo or piece of art. I have a lot of old family photos displayed in my home. As a genealogy enthusiast it is really second nature for me to celebrate my family members, but from a design aspect, it looks really charming, too!

2 Vintage Glassware: I love vintage glassware for lots of reasons— reasonable prices, easy to find, and guaranteed to be a conversation piece. You can read up on all the types of collectable vintage glassware, but my rule is simple; buy what you love. A beautiful vase or glass pitcher in a striking shade of your favorite color is a quick way to add some color and character to your space. 

3 Textiles: My true love always has been vintage fashion. When I walk into an antique shop, I do a quick scan for anything fabric. For me, vintage fashion goes beyond the body. My 1920s flapper dresses and 1950s party dresses are truly works-of-art. So why not display them as such? As a college student, instead of band posters, I had a 1940s party dress hanging on the wall above my bed in my dorm room. Hanging on the wall of my daughter’s nursery, we have a sweet 1950s baby jacket that belonged to my mother. If you’re drawn to vintage fashion, choose a stunning dress to hang on a wall or vintage dress form. If that’s too bold for you, a retro tablecloth on a kitchen table or colorful embroidered tea towels in a powder room could be just the thing.

About the Outfit

I bought this 1950s dress coat from one of my favorite dealers at Point Pleasant Antique Emporium in New Jersey. My husband Kells is always a good sport in heading up the “wardrobe department” when we’re taking photos. Thanks honey! We took these photos at the beautiful Weidlich Farms, a lovely part of rural Florida covered in tall pine trees, reminiscent of my home state of New Jersey.

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