Baby Memory and Keepsake Ideas

As a new Mom, I wish I could freeze all of these amazing “first” moments in time. I want to savor every shy smile, giggle and smirk. I am, admittedly, “that Mom,” taking an absurd amount of photos and videos with my phone. As a genealogy hobbyist, I am grateful for all of the precious keepsakes that my Grandmother, Mother and other relatives thoughtfully preserved for the next generation. My daughter Lydia is lucky to wear some of her Grandmother Mary Beth and Grandmother Hope’s baby outfits from the 1950s. When she is baptized, she will wear my Dad’s silk baptism jacket and cap over her dress. With all of these special memories preserved for us, I want to make sure I do my part. Here are some of the baby keepsakes that I am working on for Lydia:

1. Digital Baby Book: While I enjoy keeping handwritten journals, I was weary of having a traditional baby journal sitting in the house, probably hidden under a huge pile of dirty laundry, just aching to be used. I’m impressed that my Grandmother Celia managed to keep a baby book for my Dad back in 1949/1950 while chasing after two boys and serving as the Superintendent of their apartment building in New York City. Luckily, I found Qeepsake, a text-to-journal concept, which sends me daily questions about Lydia as she grows. Users can choose questions, frequency, and add photos. Whenever I choose, I can hit print and order a bound copy of all of my memories, and send copies to family members. This is my favorite option for busy parents with only a few spare moments to save memories via text.

2. Footprints & Handprints: I am not a particularly talented DIY person, but I love my little one’s tiny hands and feet and wish they would stay that way forever. To keep a memory of those adorable little digits, I found that ink kits and clay kits work best. I used a clay kit to make footprints that we will hang as ornaments on the Christmas tree this year. Pottery Barn has a simple but beautiful silver leaf wooden frame and ink kit to capture your baby’s tiny foot and handprints.

3. Framed Sonogram Photos: What to do with all of those sonogram photos that are probably shoved in a drawer? Well, if you’re like me, you have more framed photos than wall space available in your home. So for this one, I took a different approach to displaying these photos by scanning them and turning them into Christmas ornaments. I do my digital photo printing through Printique by Adorama. Adorama is a professional camera shop and print studio which I discovered when I was living in New York City. Now I use them for printing all of my photo books, ornaments and canvas prints. The quality is good, the shipping is fast, and they are partly to blame for my growing lack of wall space!

4. First tooth & Baby Curls: My six month old is luckily not yet at the stage of cutting her first tooth. (Phew!) Her brown hair is starting to come in, but isn’t quite ready for a snip. We have a beautiful lock of my Great-Grandmother Katie’s flaming red hair packed away in a box from the early 1900s, and a braid from my first “big girl” haircut in elementary school. But when that first tooth or lock of hair is ready to be saved, I’ll shop for a sweet vintage silver or porcelain keepsake box from some of my favorite vintage dealers on instagram, etsy or rubylane. Buying new is sensible and easy for a lot of my needs, but when I am searching for an unusual treasure, I love to go the vintage route, and to support all of my small business owners. Follow me on instagram to see some of my treasured collection @letsbevintagefriends

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